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Our Philosophy

At Urban Studios, we believe in the lifestyle value and benefit that landscaping provides. It’s more than just creating spaces that are practical and aesthetic. Our landscaping projects infuse your setting with atmosphere, combining nature with functional design. We work with you to marry mood with purpose and create that perfect urban oasis.

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Urban Studios boast a stunning portfolio and a track record of satisfied clients. We transform dull or untouched areas into sanctuaries and retreats. We provide landscaping magic for suburban backyards to childcare centres and everything in between.

Starting with function, we look at your needs. Our designs and constructions are backed by years of experience, and we always listen to what you bring to the table. Whether you’re after formal beauty or a play with creative ideas, together we’ll make your vision come true.

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How We Work

Based on the information you submit through our website, we go through numerous style-based slideshows and questionnaires to create a “Mood Board” as the base to your project.

We present a contract for our design + management or straight management services and schedule an appointment to conduct a thorough site evaluation with our Landscape Designer and Project Manager.

From there, depending on which service you choose, we efficiently progress through the workflows of communication, inspiration, design, quote and tender before our Project Manager and landscape partners are scheduled to arrive and build the project.

At the culmination of the construction, we conduct a thorough walkthrough of all technical matters and construction process to bring the design to life and schedule our Maintenance partners to visit the site once per month for regular landscape maintenance. You are left smiling at such a smooth and thorough process and are left to enjoy your space in peace.

What Makes Us Different

There are some cowboys out there, as there are in any service-based industry. It’s being able to identify these characters that eliminates a poor experience. With Urban Studios, you can expect transparency and professionalism from first introduction to final handover. Couple that with our outstanding product, service, management and delivery, we can give you exactly what you deserve.

Meet The Team

Sam Lindsay

Managing Director

Andrew Archibald

Business Partner

Chris Austin

Design Manager

Jack Kennedy

Account Manager

Brad Page

Project Administrator

Kristine William

Office & Finance

Veronika Aleksieva

Landscape Architect

Valentina Girovska

Landscape Architect

Gent Buli

Contracts and Estimation

Guillermo Fernandez

Landscape Architect

Diwanshu Gupta

3D Visualisation

About The Industry


The landscaping industry in Australia is an absolute beast, reaching $3.37 billion in 2016/17, which is an increase of 2.9% in GDP from 2011-12. These industry numbers are derived from reconstruction activity in Queensland and northern Victoria in the aftermath of the devastating floods of early 2011 and Cyclone Yasi in conjunction with the booming residential housing and property development markets.

In 2011-12, industry employment totalled 31,500 people in 15,000 establishments. The industry is characterised by its many small and geographically dispersed contracting firms, and has a particularly low concentration of ownership, with the four largest firms contributing less than 5.5% of annual industry revenue.

Demand for industry services will continue to be supported by the upward trend in household expenditure on landscaped features in gardens and courtyards, as home-owners seek to add value to properties and to extend their outdoor living areas. This performance corresponds with projected cyclical expansion in the downstream building markets, as the value of new housing construction continues to grow to 4.0% per annum over the next five years. The value of commercial and industrial building construction is projected to climb by 5.3% per annum over the next five years, while the institutional building market will shrink by 2.6% per annum due to the sharp decline in educational building construction (10% per annum).

Annual industry revenue is forecast to average $3.24 billion per annum over the next five years, or 12% above the average over the five years from 2011-12 ($2.89 billion per annum) to 2017.

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