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Landscape design is more than a service, it’s an experience. Designing a landscape that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing is of the utmost importance, but with Urban Studios’ garden design team, we create a custom one that gives it character.

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How We Work


Project Inception

Our initial consultation will commence with Chris Austin, manager of our design team, coming out to meet you on site to in order to assess site conditions and begin discussion about your project. During this phase we will ask about your initial ideas, lifestyle, budget, timelines and begin establishing an exciting and achievable vision for your new garden.



After our on-site consultation, we will produce a brief setting out what we understand the project entails, the scope and deliverables, any other specialist consultants that may be required i.e. surveyors, architects, engineers, and produce a program outlining expected timeframes. During this phase we will also undertake research to determine any local government requirements that need to be accounted for before any design work is undertaken.



Having established the preliminary information required, we put pen to paper. The concept stage is where we begin to experiment with different shapes and begin to map out a floor plan. Plans will be scaled, in colour and include mood boards with imagery to aid in communicating our ideas. From here we can discuss areas in need of revision and produce a plan that will underpin the foundation for the project.

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Once we have a working concept, we begin to develop the plan to its full identity. We produce final scaled plans that include a detailed material palette, plant specification, and a lighting plan. Where the concept largely establishes shape and structure, the concept development brings the plan to life with colour, textures, and the plants crucial for creating an outstanding garden.



Full working and architectural drawings are produced with detailed measurements and dimensions, sections and elections. These allow us to design features in even greater detail and ensure contractors understand our vision. This not only makes quoting more accurate, but reduces time required for future design questions from contractors during construction. These drawings are also suitable for council and planning if certain permits are required for project approval.


View some samples of our design work below or visit our full portfolio.

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“Highly recommend these landscape Gardeners! They nailed our front yard & we are thrilled. The whole process was quick & easy, we knew exactly what to expect every step of the way. The ongoing support & advice was great & so appreciated by us. Thanks a lot!”
— Emily Press
“We were blown away at the service and detail we went through, made me realise there was so much more to a landscape than meets the eye! We had the guys at Urban Studios design and build our new garden, and we are thrilled. Highly recommended.”
— Sue JamiesonSandringham

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