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At the culmination of each Landscape Construction project, where required, we offer a professional and reliable monthly landscape maintenance program to ensure the longevity of the new build.

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Water Blasting

Deck Oiling

Irrigation Tuning

Paver Sealing

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Fence Painting

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“Having the guys finish building my new garden, we agreed to have them take care of it. Part of my grand plan was to have a low maintenance garden because I hate weeding so much, so the guys built it for me and visit every month to keep it looking great.”
— Kevin ChanMalvern
“Once I finished a few of my townhouse projects, I signed on to their lawn maintenance service. Every month now, they visit all my investment properties and leave them looking spick and span. Thanks guys!”
— Lizzie McMannBerwick, Beaumaris, Ivanhoe, Mont Albert

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